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24th Aug 2017

WATCH: Dubliners Reveal The Soundest Thing Anyone’s Ever Done For Them


We all tales of woe of some fecker taking the last drop of milk in the office, or your bus driver speeding off without you, or that boy in school who made your life absolute hell for years.

But #SoundEffect, the latest campaign by Pieta House, who’ve joined forced with A Lust For Life, is all about celebrating the little moments that people are well, sound.

In a world that can often magnify negativity, Pieta House believes “deep down that most people are in fact, sound.”

They added, that “we also know when someone does something sound, that soundness ripples out – what we call the #SoundEffect. We want to highlight the little moments of soundness that are happening every day on the island of Ireland – to create a huge wave of sound.”

So what did they do? Oh, just this seriously lovely video in which people share the soundest things someone has ever done for them.

From just listening to them, to being “sound enough to create a baby”, it’s worth the watch.   

#SoundEffect is asking the people of Ireland to get involved in the lead up to and during Electric Picnic to show how being sound can help our minds and our lives – and can bring us together in a world that so often amplifies negativity and fear.

Simply share sound moments you created for yourself, someone else or even a stranger – tell them about it using the hashtag #SoundEffect on social media.

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