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8 Class Wedding Apps You're Gonna Want To Download Straight Away

By cynthia

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


We are living in a technological world (and we are technological girls and boys) – so we might as well make the most of it. And while we’re never going to call wedding planning easy, there are heaps of brilliant apps that make it a hell of a lot less daunting.

From table planning to photo sharing, to making sure you don’t blow the budget on ice sculptures or helicopter rides (you've seen Don’t Tell the Bride right?) here are all the weddings apps you need to know about.

1. Postable

Gathering guest addresses and writing out invitation envelopes is generally a time-consuming pain in the arse, particularly if you’re planning a huge wedding. Enter Postable, the genius app that does everything for you. 

You sign up, they give you a link to email to your guests, and lo their clever address book starts to fill up. And once it’s full you can choose from their fab selection of save the dates or invites and they’ll post them for you. Oh technology you beautiful, beautiful creature.


2. WedPics

While the professional pics are ones you’ll put on the mantelpiece, your mates’ shots are just as valuable in their own way – think of all those different perspectives of your day. 

So, instead of texting people saying, “Here, send us on those wedding pics will ya?” with the WedPics app all your guests’ photos and videos can be consolidated in one place, for free. Just send them the link to download the app or order special WedPics invites and you’re sorted. 

Wed Pics

3. Wedding Budget Calculator

Okay there’s absolutely nothing whatsoever sexy about budgeting, but it has to be done. This handy budget calculator available on iOS is a godsend, helping you keep on track of what you have left to spend, and where exactly your money is going.


4. TopTablePlanner

Anything that makes the mathematical and logistical conundrum that is table planning easier is cool with us. TopTablePlanner, which can be used on PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone, is brilliant. 

You add in your table type, number of seats and the names of your guests and you can simply move them around until you’re happy with their position. Much better than the alternative of angry, inky scrawls on tear-stained refill pads we say.


5. Cheerz

Formerly known as Polabox, Cheerz is a photo app available that prints Insta, Facebook and mobile snaps into cool Polaroid-style images and delivers them anywhere in the world in a nifty little box. 

Professional photos usually take up to eight weeks to arrive, so I found printing guests’ pics and sticking them around the house really helped with the long wait. Or if you want to decorate the reception venue with strings of photos, these are just the job. 


6. Appy Couple

While we were going to award points anyway for the name alone, this combined wedding website and app is actually brilliant, both for keeping you organised and making sure your guests are in the loop. 

RSVPs, address collection, guest list management, travel arrangements and pre-wedding chat all happen here in the lead-up, while after the wedding guests can share their photos and videos. 


7. Evernote

Evernote, known as  the 'productivity app', is great to encourage a bit of bride and groom wedding collaboration. Simply set up a shared project and you can send each other pretty much anything – images you've snapped, clipped web pages and photos, and notes. 

Check out the basic package; it can be synced across two devices and it’s free. 


8. Awesome Note

This app basically promises to help us get our lives together. You can organise absolutely everything with this yoke – from shopping lists – very handy to keep track of the many bits and bobs you’ll have to get – to to-do lists, to honeymoon planning, to any bright ideas you may want to jot down in case you forget. 



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