Here Are 6 Places To Have A Full-On Castle Wedding Without Leaving Dublin

Cos you're royalty, so you are

Drimnagh  Castle

If you’ve always wanted to get married in a proper castle, but haven’t wanted to make the trek ‘up the counthry’ you’re in luck.

There are heaps of palatial piles within a few minutes’ drive of Dublin city with more turrets, posh carpets and mad ornamental woodwork than you can shake a jewelled spectre at.

The way we see it, if you can’t have notions on your wedding day, when can you?

Luttrellstown Castle

This one is in Dublin 15, so worrying about the price o’ diesel isn’t necessary.

Luttrellstown features two splendiferous ballrooms – the Van Stry ballroom, which fits up to 120 guests, and the Kentian, which accommodates 60 – as well as a massive library and photo-ready walled gardens.

Oh, and the castle is hired on an exclusive basis so you won’t have to mix with… ‘outsiders’.

1  Luttrellstown  Exterior
2  Luttrellstown Interior

Ardgillan Castle

This stunner of a castle in North County Dublin is set on a nice bit of parkland overlooking the Irish Sea.

While it doesn’t cater for receptions, it’s an amazing option for couples who want an impressive castle backdrop for their civil ceremony.

The opulent Drawing Room is where it all goes down. Featuring period furniture, paintings and historical artefacts and with park and sea views, you and your guests will be blown away, in a hopefully non-literal way.

Ardgillan  Castle Exterior
Ardgillan Interior

Clontarf Castle

A mere ten-minute drive from Dublin city, Clontarf Castle is a one-stop-shop for a ceremony and reception neatly tied up in a regal bow.

It offers heaps of options, with three reception rooms to choose from including the Great Hall, catering for 100+ people, and the medieval-style Fahrenheit Grill for a more intimate gathering.

And to be sound they throw in a dedicated wedding planner to sweeten le deal.

Clontarf  Castle Interior
Clontarf  Castle  Main

Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel

Overlooking Dublin Bay, Killiney’s iconic Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel is larger than life.

With its huge, ornate ballroom and Victorian-style suites decked out in rich brocade upholstery and four poster beds – including the aptly named Royal Suite which overlooks the sweeping coastline – it’s full on Liz and Phil.

And for uh-mazing wedding photos, you’re but a stone’s throw from one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world.

Fitzpatrick  Castle Hotel Suite
Fitzpatrick  Castle  Hotel

Drimnagh Castle

Ah this one’s a bit of a dote! Smaller than the others but no less impressive, the beautifully-restored 13th century Drimnagh Castle is pure medieval.

Set in the heart of South Dublin (nope, we didn’t know it was there either!) it’s the only moated castle left in Ireland. Quite the claim to fame as far as we’re concerned. Credit where credit is due.

Fitting in 60 guests for din dins, the castle’s Great Hall and its 17th century fireplace offers a positively majestic backdrop for the festivities. So majestic in fact, it would seem almost a sin to sully it with Jagerbombs and Maniac 2000.

Almost. Are we not but flesh?

Drimnagh  Castle  Great  Hall
Drimnagh  Castle