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This Bride Got A Fairly Predictable Response To Suggesting A ‘Dry Wedding’

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The word ‘wedding reception’ is often seen as a synonym for ‘mad session, involving copious amount of alcohol that only ends when someone passes out in the residents’ bar”.

So, the prospect of a ‘dry wedding’ isn’t a topic that comes up very often.

However, that was exactly what one bride was considering when she took to online forum Wedding Bee to seek advice on celebrating her big day sans alcohol.

KatelynRose30 explained that her in-laws often drank to excess and to avoid any messy behaviour on the day, she was considering a total ban on booze.

She also noted that a sober day would greatly reduce the cost but the reaction probably wasn’t what she was hoping for.

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The post generated a huge response, with some users saying that they wouldn’t attend a wedding if they knew there would be no alcohol available.

“I, personally, wouldn’t want to attend a dry wedding. If I knew ahead of time it was dry, I’d probably RSVP ‘No’.”

Meanwhile, others blasted her for being “stingy” about paying for booze for the event.

“You should not be trying to control adults. If they get drunk and act crazy, that is on them. Your real reason is that you just don’t want to host it because you don’t want to have to pay for it.”

What do you think? Do you think it’s bad form to ban booze?

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