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You Can Now Do Night Classes In Dublin On How To Survive The End Of The World

By Sarah

October 19, 2017 at 2:39pm


How do you think the world might end? Solar flares, climate catastrophes that take us on a scale beyond Ophelia, or geomagnetic storms? Or will political and financial collapse or antibiotic resistance finally finish us off?

To mark their new free exhibition IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin are hosting a six-week night course this autumn, with leading experts discussing how the world might end and how we could survive the collapse of civilisation. 

And the classes sound absolutely deadly...

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25th Oct: OFF THE GRID ARMAGEDDON with Linda Doyle, communications expert and director of CONNECT

"We live our lives as connected human beings. The network has become an extension of ourselves. What if the network goes down? Are we still ourselves?"

1st Nov: — CLIMATE CATASTROPHE with Trinity College Dublin geomorphologist Mary Bourke.

"Could we live in an extreme world? Are there other places we could go? What would it be like to live on Mars or Titan or an asteroid?  Should we stay or should we go?"

8th Nov: — APOCALYPTIC ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE with immunologist Luke O’Neill.  

"Through history, humanity has been threatened by plagues. The Black Death is reputed to have decimated one third of the population in Europe, and the 1918 flu pandemic killed more people than the First World War. What are the prospects of another pandemic emerging to kill us?"

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15th Nov:— GEOMAGNETIC DESTRUCTION with solar physicist Sophie Murray

"This talk will debunk the myths surrounding solar eruptions and geomagnetic storms, explaining what exactly space weather is: its origins at our Sun, potential impacts on Earth, and the steps we are taking to mitigate severe events."


"An economic collapse means a complete breakdown of a national, regional or territorial economy. What would happen if there was a severe economic depression, where the economy of the global economy was completely distressed for months, years or possibly even decades. How would we repair or could we?"

7th Dec: — POLITICAL NUCLEAR MELTDOWN with Ben Tonra, international relations expert.

"What are the real-world implications of a nuclear weapons' exchange between North Korea and the United States and what is the appropriate public policy response to these threats?"

You can book one night class for €6 (includes €1 booking fee), or get one free when booking a bundle of four for €16. The bundle deal also includes a limited edition tote bag, print, and a free drink at the Night Course finale event.


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