New Dublin Artwork Of These Two Musical Legends Will Have You Beaming With Pride

"I am part of what was Dublin, in the rare oul times".

Luke Kelly Ronnie Drew

Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait...

The lungs that belong to these two Dublin musical icons are something else. They are as distinctive as they come and when they release the first note, you know immediately where they come from. 

Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew have implanted some truly wonderful songs in the heads of many Irish people and no matter how many versions are released, their originals will always remain the best. 

For the life of us we can't understand how these two don't have their own statue, postage stamps and faces on our euro coins but for the time being, this beautiful artwork will do just the trick. 

If the tweet is not appearing properly, you can view it here

The magnificent artwork is the baby of Emma Blake who is a Street Artist, Graphic Designer & Teacher. 

The post reads: "Two Dublin Legends! Outstanding new artwork 'Rare Oul' Times' by @emmaleneblake Located on High Street, at the start of @libertiesdublin 8 #dublincanvas #dublincitycouncil #lukekelly #ronniedrew #thedubliners"

Of course, the place where the artwork is on display is very special to the song 'The Rare Auld Times':

"I courted Peggy Diagnam
As pretty as you please
A rogue and child of Mary
From the rebel liberties"

Now, the two icons are truly part of Dublin.

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