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A Brand New Cheese And Wine Shop Opened On Drury Street Today

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There’s no better combo in this world than cheese and wine.

So when I heard that the team behind Meet Me In The Morning were opening a new cheese and wine shop on Drury Street, I screamed a little.

Loose Canon Cheese & Wine opens today and it’s set to be unreal.

The shop will have a particular focus on natural wines and exceptional cheese. The venue boasts a chic space with handmade mahogany and marble counters.

This sounds like heaven to me.

Loose Canon will open daily from 10.30 a.m. retailing expertly curated cheese and wines along with a selection of toasted cheese sandwiches at lunchtime.


Six evenings a week, there’ll be a selection of cheeseboards and Irish charcuterie to munch on as well as the opportunity to discover some interesting wines.

There will be a wide range of cheese to try daily, the majority being Irish, so there’ll always be a surprise in store.

The partners behind this new shop, Brian O’Caoimh and Kevin Powell, are masters of their trade. Kevin worked as a cheesemaker for three years and Brian founded the Coutume natural wine pop-up during his time as manager of a café in Paris.

If you’re a cheese and wine lover, this place will be right up your street.

I can’t wait to get down there to check it out.

Header image: @gruelguerrilla

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