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10th Feb 2023

A new bar with Guinness cocktails and spicy margs has opened in Temple Bar

Fiona Frawley

a spicy margarita placed on top of a bar

New date night venue just dropped.

If you’re a fan of fragrant, affectionately garnished cocktails and speciality drinks that take over 48 hours to perfect, take a trot along the cobbles of Temple Bar and get yourself to The Curious Mister, the newest cocktail bar for Dublin’s fair city.

Just opened last night, the Essex Street East spot promises “a world of mystery and intrigue” for patrons, with a unique menu of cocktails designed to stimulate all five taste profiles – sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.

The beverages catching our eye so far include the Guinness and Hibiscus – ⁠
Jameson Black Barrell, cynar, Guinness, hibiscus, lemon & whites for a foamy finish, the Lemongrass, a gin-based tipple which is said to take over 48 hours to perfect and of course, the spicy margarita with dried chilli flakes and roasted red pepper. No cocktail menu is complete without a drink that will blow the head off you, as you insist through watery eyes and reddening cheeks that you “actually love a bitta spice” to your Tinder date.

With plush interiors and a prohibition-esque feel, The Curious Mister accommodates up to 60 people and can also be booked for events with food platters and cocktail making courses on offer if that’s what the occasion calls for.

Keep an eye on The Curious Mister via Instagram, or pop in to wet your whistle from this weekend onwards.

Header image via Instagram/thecuriousmister

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