Everything we know about Glovebox Dublin's slickest new opener

By Emily Mullen

December 9, 2021 at 3:36pm


Dublin foodies will have probably already had their eye on the spot in the Trinity Car Park for a while now.

In a city as big as Dublin there will always be openers, but few have the same knack for cracking them as the team at Allta do. Following on from the success of the Allta box and the Allta summer house, this winter the team have transformed a city centre car park into unique cultural space.

When is it open?

Glovebox kicks off on Friday, December 10.

How long is it on for?

As with a lot of Allta's projects the end date is never really discussed, things like the Allta Summer House were extended because of demand. The team have laid out some plans for the new year though, opening up the space to host live events every Wednesday (artists talks, orchestra performances and the like) and as the weather gets warmer, these live events will extend onto the spacious open-air rooftop terrace.

Will it be open all week?

Glovebox will be open from Thursday through Saturday, with a live DJ on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Thursdays: 17:00–12:00
Fridays: 17:00–12:00
Saturdays: 13:00–12:00
Sundays: 13:00–12:00

Where is it exactly?


It's being held on level five of Trinity Car Park on Dublin 2's Trinity Street.

Is it actually in a carpark?


Will it be freezing? 

The location of a concrete carpark doesn't scream cosiness, but the team have worked alongside some top-rate designers like Alistair Davidson to rework this space. They've also described the space as a "fully covered and heated indoor venue".

What is it?

It's an immersive art gallery and cocktail lounge, the team have described it as "a new playful home for contemporary culture".

How do you get in there?

Enter the Trinity Car Park from the Dame Lane side and take the lift to level five and you are there.


Do they serve food?

The Allta team have created a small but pretty exciting (and Allta-esque) menu of snacks for visitors (see a sample menu below). Allta box fans will be overjoyed by the inclusion of the shiitake miso butter. The team place a strong emphasis on seasonal products that have been locally sourced, so you would be better off not to snack before heading to Glovebox!

More importantly is there drink there?

Yes, the team at Allta have created a really exciting cocktail menu, that sits alongside a great selection of local spirits that can be paired with Poachers mixers.

Who is exhibiting there?

Glovebox will have a rotating gallery of artworks from Irish and international contemporary artists curated by Ronan Dillon. Alfie Kungu, Dirty Dublin, Jessica Goehring and Milen Till are some of the artists and collectives opening there.

Will there be choons?

There will be music, Toby Hatchett is behind the specifically designed sound system, and there will be live DJ on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays


Do you need to book?

At the time of writing only online bookings were being accepted, visit the website for more information.

How much is it?

Tickets are priced at €20 per person, redeemable against snacks and drinks purchased.

How many to a table?

Reservations are open for parties of 4-18 at the moment, so best get some pals to put a table together.

Header image via Instagram /g.l.o.v.e.b.o.x

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