5 ways to support your local hospitality business in the wake of new restrictions

By Emily Mullen

December 9, 2021 at 1:03pm


The restrictions that kicked into place on December 7th, have created more headaches for Irish businesses already struggling through one of the most challenges periods for the industry in living memory. 

As employees, owners and managers, grapple with this raft of new restrictions in what should be their busiest period, we have collected some actionable ways that you as a customer can support them.

5. Bums on seats

The best way to show your support to a local business is to buy what they are selling. Whether that's booking a midweek meal, dropping in for a coffee or booking a table with friends for a catchup. Obviously at such a busy time of year and in the midst of a pandemic, not everyone is the position to do this.


4. Buying Merch

There are other ways to support your favourite hospitality business without crossing the threshold. Many local businesses have great merch for sale, some even have discounts on at the moment. Wearing the merch is also good marketing for your local business, which makes this option a win-win.

3. Vouchers


Buying vouchers for your friends and family is a great way to support your local hospitality business. It's a great way to introduce the business to new customers, and it saves on wrapping!

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2. Leaving Positive Reviews

Another great way to your support for you local hospitality business is to shout about it. Leaving positive reviews online can be a massive help and encourages others to check them out. The more detailed the better, describe some of the ways the business have gone above and beyond for you, what that business means to you and share photos of the place looking fire if you have them.


1. Reach out to them

Hospitality would never be considered to be a forgiving industry, the pressure of cooking and serving customers under extremely tight lines is extremely tough. This "new normal" we are all living in has made that industry all the more challenging. Thanking the people behind the shopfront can go along way, also (if they aren't in the middle of service) they might have some specific ideas on how you can help them out.



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