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12th Oct 2022

New horsebox cafe open on King’s Inns Street for all the legal eagles

Fiona Frawley

woman in a pink coat standing outside a horsebox cafe

Advocatin’ and latte breakin’. That’s my motto.

Good news for anyone studying at the King’s Inns or TUD on Bolton Street – there’s a colourful new horsebox cafe serving up speciality brews to get you through the aul mid-term slump.

Originally hailing from Tipperary Town, Good Vibrations recently made the move up to the big shmoke and have been settling in nicely within the lofty surrounds of the Kings Inn’s Courtyard. If you’re a fan of the TikTok-famed dark academia aesthetic (mysteriously sipping a flat white while reading a book, wearing loafers and a wooly jumper), you’d be hard pressed to find a better location to live out this fantasy.

If you have no idea what anything I just said means (me neither, tbh), this is still a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee.

As for the cafe itself, Good Vibrations serve Upside Coffee (a speciality roaster hailing from Richmond Road on Dublin’s north side) are dog friendly with treats ready and waiting on the counter for furry visitors, and have a selection of vegan and gluten free cakes and bakes to accompany your brew.

Good Vibrations are open Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 2:30pm each day. The perfect spot to hit up for a lunch time or early morning coffee if you’re working/studying in the area!

Header image via Instagram/goodvibrationscoffee

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