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01st Apr 2022

The people behind Prado open new Clontarf burger joint

Katy Thornton

prado burger clontarf

For boozy shakes and juicy burgers, Max’s Clontarf is where it’s at.

The people behind Prado have just opened a brand new burger joint called Max’s Burgers. They specialise in thicc (with two cs) burgers that come with all kinds of meat, including beef, chicken, falafel for the veggies, as well as halibut and even lobster (when in season). Max’s Burgers is owned by The Ellerman Group, known for their fancy dining spots including Lennan’s Yard and Asador. The burger joint has taken over Prado’s old spot in Clontarf on Vernon’s Avenue.

Max’s Burgers will be a much more casual dining venture for Ellerman. When speaking to a spokesperson for the hospitality group on this change of direction, they said:

We are about good experiences and great food. The premium end of the market doesn’t have exclusivity on this. Ellerman is interested in good experiences whether it’s a premium chargrilled steak, or a bowl of hot wings in Max’s.”

So just because Max’s is on the more casual side, doesn’t mean that the food quality will be any different to what you’d find at Lennan’s Yard.

You can take a gander through their food menu HERE.

Their drinks menu includes hard shakes such as the Cookies and Cream, which comes with Kahlua, or the White Viking, made with Baileys, caramel sauce, and caramel ice-cream. Max’s also has an extensive cocktail menu, including classics like espresso martinis, margaritas, as well as fresh ones such as the Max Factor (tanqueray gin, raspberry puree, sugar syrup, strawberry bitters, and lemon juice).

One to add to the burger list, I mean bucket list so.

Header image via Instagram stories/maxsburgersdublin

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