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20th Jul 2022

Veginity owners launch Pretend, a 100% plant-based deli

Katy Thornton

veginity pretend plant-based deli

Pretend aims to entice non-vegans to reduce their meat consumption.

It’s no secret that reducing our meat consumption is better for the environment, but it can be difficult to make the full conversion to veganism if you love your sausages and rashers. Something that makes this so much easier is including plant-based meat dupes into your diet, and there’s never been more choice. Cue the launch of Pretend, a new deli in town, which is 100% plant-based, and created by vegan champions Veginity.

Image via Food Story PR & Marketing

Opening on Veginity’s former takeaway spot Vish™ & Chips, Pretend deli serves 100% plant-based meat alternatives. While this is amazing news for Dublin vegans, particularly those local to Dublin 7, Pretend also aims to entice meat-eaters. They recognise that ‘omnivore’ consumers are more likely to choose plant-based options if they mimic meat ones. So at Pretend you can still get your sausages, your pudding, your ham and cheese croissant, without having to consume any meat.

Image via Food Story PR & Marketing

Pretend also runs a butchery service at the deli, whereby customers can pick up plant-based items fresh by weight and cut. This is ideal if you want to experiment with meat alternatives at home.

Pretend is based on Blessington Street in Dublin 7; they open Wednesday to Friday 8am to 9pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 9pm.

Header image via Food Story PR & Marketing 

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