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20th Dec 2016

62% Of Irish People See Housing As The Biggest Issue In The Upcoming Elections

seank released their latest survey this morning concerning the forthcoming election.

Using a sample group of 920 people, the study found that 62% of participants believed that housing was the number one issue for the new government to tackle.

20% of those surveyed believed the lack of supply on the market is the main housing issue at present, while 19% felt high prices were also a major concern.

In fact, 17% said that they had moved in the last year due to high prices, while 29% said they were considering a move.

When the sample group were asked who they would like to see next in government, here’s how they answered:

Sinn Fein (13%)

Fine Gael (11%)

Fianna Fail (11%)

Independents (7%)

Labour (6%)

Anti-Austerity Alliance (5%)

Social Democrats (3.5%)

Renua (2.5%)

Green Party (1%)

14% of those surveyed were uncertain if they’d vote in the upcoming elections, while 8% said they won’t. 

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