A Rough Sleeper Has Posted A Message Online Thanking Dubliners For Their Kindness

By AmyBell

November 29, 2017 at 2:01pm


A person who has been sleeping rough in the city centre has posted online wanting to thank Dubliners for how kind they are.

The touching message was posted to Ireland's subreddit page yesterday with the unknown writer praising the work of not only the Gardaí but strangers, staff at DIT and Brother Kevin's in Smithfield.

They wrote, "I'm sleeping rough at the moment - but I'm constantly blown away by how nice people are to me.

"The guards are always sweethearts, the porters in DIT are always chill about me using the computers even though I'm not a student there anymore, complete strangers sometimes throw me a big mac meal and a few quid. 


"Brother Kevin's in Smithfield do amazing work - they give out fantastic meals and clean socks and jocks which is always welcome."

The message has racked up a lot of comments and upvotes on the popular social media site and the writer said they "can't imagine a better city than Dublin to be homeless in".

The heartwarming post finishes with a simple sentence that put a smile on our faces, "So cheers to all you Dubliners, who make my life bearable!"

You can see the full post here.


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