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A Torso Has Been Dug Up In A Park In Finglas

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A torso has been found in Tolka Valley Park in Finglas, Dublin 11.

Members of the Gardaí believe that the body part belongs to convicted rapist James Nolan, whose dismembered arm was found back in 2011 on Dollymount Strand. According to 98fm, the arm is known to be his following extensive DNA testing.  

The search for Nolan’s body parts began back in 2010.

Mr Nolan was released from prison back in November 2010, after serving time for burglary. He disappeared a short time later.

Just last year, Gardaí were tipped off in a note left by a man, who has since taken his own life. The confession read that he had strangled Nolan before chopping his body up and dumping parts in the Tolka river.

The park has since been closed off, following intense investigations. 

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