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10th Apr 2017

A Very Kind Tradesman Is Repairing Dublin Pensioner’s Leaky Roofs For Free


It’s always lovely to hear of people doing their best to help out in any way they can, and that’s exactly what dad-of-two Sean Collins is doing.

A roofer by trade, and owner of Collins Roofing, he has started doing free roof repairs for OAP’s every single Saturday.

The 32-year-old from Crumlin told the Irish Mirror that he’s happy to give up his time if it will help improve the quality of other’s lives, and he started the voluntary service when an elderly neighbour asked him to look at his roof and give him a quote.

Sean told the Irish Mirror: “I gave him a price and he said he couldn’t afford to get it done. I couldn’t believe that this man had to live with a leak coming into his bedroom, so I fixed it for free.

“He had a bucket at the end of the stairs he had to keep emptying out. The rain was coming down on his bed. I asked why he didn’t just move the bed but he said he couldn’t because it was too heavy.

“These people are elderly and they’re not going to get up on the roof to check the work – so you have one or two lads taking advantage of them, which is outrageous.”

Sean now wants to spread the word and urges any elderly people in need of his services to check out Collins Roofing on Facebook or contact him directly at 086 1274202.

He said: “I enjoy helping people. It’s only a couple of hours out of my day but it can make a huge difference to them, and they are so grateful.”

Lovely, just lovely.

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