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11th Jan 2017

Apollo House Residents Stand Strong In Face Of Court Order To Leave


The Apollo House activists had applied for a one-week extension to their stay before the High Court this morning, however it has just been ruled that the original court order to vacate the building by midday today still stands. 

Residents and volunteers in the Home Sweet Home campaign had hoped to extend their rights to occupy the building on the basis that the agreement that had been reached with the Irish government was no longer valid, as the promise to deliver suitable accommodation for every resident of Apollo House had not been fulfilled by Minister for Housing, Simon Coveney.

Home Sweet Home occupiers say that the emergency accommodation provided by the government was not suitable for almost 25 residents due to reasons such as unclean and health-hazardous bedding, and the lack of drug-free lodgings for residents trying to stay clean.

Alternative accommodation is unsatisfactory

Since the court refusal of an extension, a wall of support around Apollo House has been formed by protesters, and it remains to be seen whether the residents will still occupy the building as their search for safe housing for Dublin’s homeless continues.

Home Sweet Home helping rough sleepers

Apollo 1

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