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PIC: These Are The Top Places In Dublin For ‘Cougars’ To Eye Up Their Prey Apparently

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A cougar is defined as a woman, generally in her 40s – give or take – who likes to date younger men, generally around 10 years their junior.

And apparently, there’s specific places that these ‘cougars’ should go to if they are looking to pull in Dublin.

The Bridge 1859 in Ballsbridge stumbled across this picture which shows them included in a list of the best ‘Cougar Bars’ in Dublin.

They were only number three on the list and were beaten by Central Hotel on Exchequer Street and Gilbert & Wright in Malahide.

To be fair, the list is a small one and only has four places on it but we searched the internet and apparently there are several cougar places in Dublin.

There’s Rain Nightclub on South Richmond Street, while Howl At The Moon and Lillie’s (both of which are now closed) were also renowned for being known as ‘Cougar bars’.

Know anymore? Fire them our way.

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