Do You Recognise This Gaff That's Just Been Sold For $4 Million?

A classic.


This beautiful Victorian house at 2640 Steiner Street, San Francisco has just been bought by an anonymous buyer for $4 million.

The house was made famous when Mrs Doubtfire was filmed here. 

And when Robin Williams sadly passed away it became a shrine to one of the world's favourite classic movies. 

The previous owners were said to have been very patient with tourists, fans and then, of course, mourners paying their respects.

But they recently put the beautiful house on the market, having originally bought it for just $1.4 million. 

Yes, the boom is back. 

Think it's nice on the outside? Just wait 'til you see the inside


And it has one of the most covetable views in the entire world – over San Francisco bay


Photo credits: Vince Valdes

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