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15th Aug 2020

Dublin Fire Brigade called to battle second Killiney wildfire in a number of hours 

Sarah Finnan

Dublin Fire Brigade

Dublin Fire Brigade has been called out to a wildfire in Killiney. Posting a video of the area on Twitter, locals have been advised to shut all windows and doors until such time as the fire is out.

A total of three crews are at the scene which follows only hours after firefighters from Dun Laoghaire extinguished a wildfire on Killiney Golf Course. Asking people to call Dublin Fire Brigade if they spot flames/smoke, authorities have said it’s important not to assume that someone else has already done so.

Firefighters have also asked the public to be extra mindful of parking. According to officials, one of the Dublin Fire Brigade appliances was delayed responding to an emergency call last night due to bad parking on a residential road in Raheny.

A daily challenge, bad parking is of particular concern at natural amenities over the weekend. A photo shared on Twitter of the Baalscadden car park in Howth this afternoon shows zero access to the area. Encouraging people to “please park sensibly”, authorities tweeted to say:

It’s a glorious day in Dublin and the sun is out. Our beaches, parks and mountains will be busy.

Rescue organisations lie @DWMRT @howthcoastguard need 24/7 access as do we.”

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