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31st May 2018

Dublin Man Has Bail Terms Suspended So He Can Enjoy Holiday In Ibiza

Darragh Berry

A 31-year-old Dubliner has been remanded on bail and allowed to go on a sun holiday in Ibiza while his 53-year-old comrade remains in custody. 

Catherine Byrne from Ballyfermot and Robert Yeates from Donaghmede were charged with the possession of drugs and a semi-automatic shotgun.

Their vehicles were stopped and searched on Monday where a shotgun and €140K worth of cocaine was seized. 

Diario De Ibiza is reporting that they were brought before the District Court in Dublin on Thursday and Byrne was refused an application for bail.

Yeates on the other hand was granted bail on the condition that he signed in court three times a week, handed over his passport and had no contact with Byrne until the trial resumes in late July. 

However, surprisingly, the judge accepted a request from Yeates’ lawyer to change the conditions so that the man could go on holiday in Ibiza. 

Instead, he will be contacted by phone while on holidays on the island as a way of ‘signing in’.