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05th Jan 2019

A Horrible And Disgusting Thing Happened On This Dublin Taxi Journey Over The Weekend

Darragh Berry

A Twitter thread about this Dublin taxi journey has gained a lot of attention over the weekend.

The thread which was started by Childish Landini outlines “one the most vile and barbaric acts” they had ever witnessed.

It begins:

“This is a thread about something I saw in Dublin last night that I will never forget. Last night I witnessed one of the most vile and barbaric acts of racism I’ve ever seen in Ireland.

“I was on Nassau St when a taxi pulled up and I heard load shouting and swearing. I saw a girl exit the Taxi abruptly while the man inside shouted “black bastard” and “fucking n*****” at him.

“Then I heard the taxi driver shout ‘that’s it, get out of my taxi’. Myself and the person with me had initially approached the car as we thought it was an available taxi but now we were concerned.

“As I approached the side door I saw the young man repeatedly spit on the taxi driver. It was disgusting.

“Eventually he got out and stormed off with the young woman. I got in and asked if he was ok.

“The man was crying. He told me the guy had asked him to wait for friend and then, after waiting 10 minutes, told him to drive to Harcourt st instead to pick his friend up.

“When he refused the man began to assault and racially abuse him. I’ll never forget the look on that poor man’s face or the humiliation in his eyes.

“We are not the land of ‘One hundred thousand welcomes’. Some of us are deeply and disturbingly racist and intolerant of difference.

“Had that taxi driver last night been white then I wouldn’t be writing this thread, this would NEVER have happened.

I can’t get this incident out of my head today and I can’t stop thinking about that taxi driver. How he must have felt waking up this morning to recall being spat on. Is he ok?

“Did he tell his partner? Does he worry his children will go through the same. After Peter Caseys comments and rise in popularity it’s clear to see Ireland needs recalibrating.

“And if you’re that man who’s not only guilty of racism but also assault I hope your entitlement and privilege is challenged and pronto.”

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