Revealing Images Show That Dublin's First Ever 'Naturist-Friendly' Nude B&B Is Here

And you must "keep eye contact while having conversations" there

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Forget your fancy 4* hotels, forget sleeping on your best friend's couch, we know where we'll be recommending next time someone comes to stay in Dublin.

The Irish Sun has revealed pictures of what Dublin's first ever naturist-friendly B&B looks like.

For as little as €55 a night, you can stay in a place that lets you walk around in the nip.

But you may be told to "cover up" if it seems like you've gotten too excited.

While the thought of getting our kit off this time of year makes our bones shiver through the four layers that we're currently wearing, you won't feel the summer coming around.

And if Nude B&B's aren't your thing, maybe you'll want to try out Ireland's first official nude-friendly beach.

Sunbathing at Hawk Cliff in Dalkey means you "may encounter nude bathers" but it's not the only place where you may get people going around in their birthday suit.

Apparently, The Forty Foot and Corballis in Dublin are also unofficial nude-bathing spots.

You can find more information here.

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