Dublin Zoo Has A New Arrival And It Is Another Adorable Baby Elephant

And they're looking for a name...

Dublin Zoo Elephant01

Elephants never forget and you will never forget how cute this new arrival is! 

An Asian Elephant calf has been born at Dublin Zoo and it's a girl! *squeeee*

Proud mum Asha gave birth to calf, who is just under one meter tall and weighs around 70 kgs, on Monday evening. She is Asha's very first calf and she is the fourth elephant calf to be born in the zoo in the last two years.

Dublin Zoo Elephant01

The new arrival will join the herd of eight Asian elephants, including dad Upali, in the Kaziranga Forest Trail.

Gerry Creighton, Operations Manager at Dublin Zoo said, “We are delighted with the new arrival and happy to report that both mum and calf are doing very well.

“This is Asha’s first calf and so far she has done a remarkable job. Asha has incredible maternal instincts and over the past two years has watched the other females in the herd raise their calves and learned from their behaviour”.

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Dublin Zoo is inviting the public to suggest a name for the newest arrival based on her Asian origin. Name suggestions can be submitted at www.dublinzoo.com

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