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20th Jul 2022

Council deploys ‘additional staff resources’ at Burrow beach following mass littering

Katy Thornton

Mass littering has become an issue given the recent heatwave.

Images of rubbish covering public places like beaches have been circulating on the internet for the past few days. Following the recent spell of hot weather, many have made their way out of the city to enjoy it, with huge consequences. Fingal County Council tweeted to say “additional staff resources” had been deployed to clean up the rubbish left behind on various beaches.

Many were disgusted by the disgraceful littering on Burrow Beach earlier in the week; however, others noted that there was a lack of ample bins to account for the rubbish. In response Fingal County Council have since installed large bins and additional toilets on their beaches. With these measures in mind, they said this in their tweet:

It is important that beach users do play their part by bringing their rubbish home or using the bins provided.”

We hope that with these additional resources people enjoying beaches will be able to dispose of their rubbish correctly.

Header image via Twitter/Fingalcoco

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