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05th Aug 2018

Garda Who Filmed Journalist Dara Quigley Won’t Face Prosecution


A Garda who filmed a woman being detained under the Mental Health Act while walking naked on a street in Dublin will avoid prosecution. is reporting the matter was referred to the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and an investigation into the garda’s conduct was started.

Journalist and online blogger, Dara Quigley took her own life in April 2017 after the video was posted and viewed over 100,000 times.

It is thought that the garda in question was suspended at the time.

A spokesperson for the Ombudsman said the investigation was still ongoing, but the Herald has learned that the Garda who filmed Dara will not face criminal prosecution.

However, the Garda may still face disciplinary action when GSOC’s investigation is completed.

It is believed that when the incident happened the DPP took a look at the possible criminal aspect of it and decided not to proceed with criminal charges.

It is not known whether the garda at the centre of the investigation has returned to work or will do in the future.

Dara’s family said the video caused them a lot of distress which was made worse when her name was published on some websites.

Dara had struggled with addiction and mental health problems in the months and year’s leading up to her death.

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