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Fines Could Be On The Way For Dublin Bus Users Who Don’t Fold Up Their Buggies

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Dublin Bus may introduce fines for people who do not fold up their buggies for wheelchair users.

The Oireachtas Transport Committee has called for legislation after hearing that people not folding up their buggies for wheelchair users was a daily occurrence.

According to the Journal.ie, SIPTU’s vice-president of transport Stephen Hannan wants a new law to make in mandatory for people to fold up their buggies.

He said: “I am going through this every day of the week – people are not listening to me. “A person there in a wheelchair tries to get on and there are two people with prams that refuse to fold up the prams because they don’t have to.”

Transport Minister has said he will look into the fines.

Do you think it’s fair to introduce fines?

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