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23rd Nov 2018

WATCH: A Garda Was Filmed Cycling A Rickshaw Around The City Late At Night

Darragh Berry

Whether you’ll like to admit it or not, we’ve all hopped on one of these on a night out.

When it’s impossible to find a taxi, you’ve probably even contemplated paying €200 to get a journey home in one of these just to get out of the cold.

But we don’t think anyone would chance their arm asking this rickshaw for a lift, that’s for sure.

This video of a Garda cycling a rickshaw was uploaded on Tuesday and has already been viewed over 100,000 times.

It looks like the video was taken by someone cycling a rickshaw also. The person filming asks the Garda straight away “how much to Dicey’s?”.

In fairness the Garda does have a sense of humour and when asked if he’s going to “make some money” the Garda replies with “free rides” only because he’s “sound like that”.

It’s obvious that the Garda just wants to get this yolk off the street entirely and is looking hesitantly for the lights to change.

But, the person filming is hot on his heels and follows him around the city and manages to catch him clipping a kerb on camera.

The person filming is astounded that the Garda keeps breaking the lights but in fairness, he is the law, he can do what he wants.

The 1:38 minute video is worth checking out.

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