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22nd May 2018

Gardaí Reveal Content Of Note Found In Jastine Valdez Suspect’s Car

James Fenton

Gardaí have revealed the content of a note left by the suspect in the disappearance of Jastine Valdez.

In an RTÉ report this afternoon, crime correspondent Paul Reynolds said that the note found in the Qashqai car at the centre of the investigation contained the words ‘Puck’s Castle’ and ‘Sorry’. Other parts of the blood-stained letter were indecipherable and are being examined by forensic scientists.

After the discovery of the note, a body believed to be that of Jastine was subsequently found at Puck’s Castle Lane in South Dublin.

Mark Hennessy, the main suspect in the investigation was fatally shot by Gardaí on Sunday evening in the Cherrywood area of South Dublin.

It is thought that Jastine was strangled to death within 45 minutes of being abducted on Saturday evening on her way home to Enniskerry. Gardaí received reports of the abduction within 10 minutes of it taking place.