GBK Have Turned Ireland's Beloved Mikado Bikky Into A MILKSHAKE – And We Just Tried It Out

Oh, and they're giving away freebies this afternoon

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We shall never tire of seeing old Irish foods blitzed, beaten and pulped into modern creations.

And this new creation from Gourmet Burger Kitchen really takes the... um... biscuit.

So what is it then?

Well, it's exactly what it sounds – all the flavours of a Jacob's Mikado, turned into a swirly, creamy concoction: coconut, strawberry, lovely sugary marshmallow and even bits of biscuit to add a bit of crunch.

And? AND?

And a Mikado biscuit on top. Of course.

Sounds risky... but tasty

Right on both counts. It's super-sweet, but the coconut and the biscuit add a lovely bit of texture to the whole thing. A bit much after a full shake, perhaps – particularly if accompanied by a burger – but that's a good complaint to have.

"Slightly below an Oreo Shake. So what's that? Gold standard, if not quite platinum?" offered Lovin Dublin's Daryl. 

And it looks good?

See for yourself.

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So where can I get them?

In Gourmet Burger Kitchen, obv – in South William Street, Temple Bar, South Anne Street, Liffey Valley and Swords.

And better still, they're giving out 50 free shakes today at the South William Street restaurant, from 3pm.



Well that takes the biscu...

I've already made that joke. Sorry.

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Aidan Coughlan