Here's What's Happening With The Plans For A Train To Dublin Airport


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The rumours that a train line will extended to Dublin Airport have been floating around for quite some time, but will it happen in the next few years?

According to The Journal, it's not looking likely.

The National Transport Authority confirmed that there's no plan to extend the Dart to the airport, and their 2016-2035 plan for Greater Dublin has no mention of the rail link.

A site has been safeguarded at Dublin Airport for a potential Metro station, however an Iarnrod Eireann spokesperson has said:

“The NTA’s current Greater Dublin Area Transport Strategy (to 2035) does not provide for a Dart link to Dublin Airport.

“However, Iarnrod Eireann does believe that the alignment should be protected to ensure the strategic option remains for any subsequent transport strategy, in line with the EU’s transport policy goal that key gateway airports be connected to the national rail network, to maximise sustainable travel to/from the airport, and given the forecast expansion of the airport into the future.”

Maybe after 2035?

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