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If You Hate Rats You’re Not Going To Like How Many Of Them Have Been Spotted In Dublin This Year

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There are a lot of creatures out there that give people the heebie jeebies. Many don’t like spiders, some are terrified of mice while others aren’t fans of sharks (newsflash – sharks can’t get you if you don’t go into the sea.)

One animal that is usually found at the top of the most hated species list is the rat and if you’re one of the people who are creeped out by the little guys, we’ve got some bad news to report – Dublin is crawling with them.

According to The Herald, there were 502 reports of rat sightings made to Dublin City Council from January 1 to September 27 of this year. This puts them way ahead of wasps and bees in second place with 54 reports, followed by birds (43), ants (5) and foxes, woodworm, flies and cockroaches who all received one complaint each.

The statistics were supplied under the Freedom Of Information Act and while it’s not something a lot of you will want to hear, it is fairly essential knowledge.

Anyone else up for not leaving the house for a while?

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