Taking The Doughnut Craze To The Next Level - Here's The $100 Gold Encrusted Doughnut

It couldn't possibly be worth it, could it?

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One bakery in New York is taking a shot at both your diet AND your bank balance with the launch of their new $100 doughnut. The "Golden Cristal Ube Donut" is filled with jelly, dunked in Cristal champagne and then covered in 24-carat gold flakes. Sure, ya know yourself!

We normally laugh off these sort of publicity stunts, and would never dream of eating one but something about this bad boy is enticing us... 

I mean, if you're going on the holiday of a lifetime to the Big Apple what would an extra $100 be?! You can read the full story about how the owner creates it here.

If we had any money in our bank account we'd take a dozen, please!

It does look pretty tasty in fairness

Although we'd probably go for their mango soufflé pancakes which are a lot cheaper and look absolutely divine

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