Ireland Can Watch The Ellen Show At The Same Time As The U.S. From Next Week


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Any Ellen fans will be familiar with the following cycle...

  1. Crippling FOMO while the show airs, as you sit at your desk internally sobbing. 
  2. Refreshing the show's tweetfeed to get any hints of what might have gone down.
  3. Running home after work to scour  the web for a good link of the most recent show. 
  4. Repeat.

However, today we have some good news... 

As of 1.45pm on Monday 18 January, Irish viewers will be able to watch The Ellen Show at the same time as America on ITV2. 

Now we just need to find a legitimate excuse to leg it home for a comfy lunchtime viewing. 

Ellen Degeneres Woo

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