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09th May 2019

Ireland’s First Non Alcoholic Bar Is Opening This Weekend

Rebecca Keane

Ireland’s very first permanent booze-free bar is to open this weekend.

The Virgin Mary bar will be opening on Capel Street on May 10 and will have alcohol-free versions of all your favourite drinks.

On offer you’ll find non-alcoholic beers, virgin cocktails (hence the name of the bar) and alcohol-free spirits like Silk Tree and Ceder’s, as well as de-alcoholised wines including Natureo.

The idea was created by Vaughan Yates and Oisín Davis, the pair behind the Irish mixer range Poachers.

Oisín explains, “If a fellow Dubliner wants to catch up with mates after 4pm in the city but doesn’t want to hang out in a pub, the only options available to them are multi-national cafes that largely lack any atmosphere.

“I’m really looking forward to changing that and finally giving people an alternative.”

The Virgin Mary will be open 4pm to 11pm every day.


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