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12th Jul 2018

Irish Journalist Releases Statement After Abuse For “Irish Accent” Reporting On World Cup

Darragh Berry

Enda Brady is an Irish man (a Wexford man to be precise) who is most certainly living his dream.

He is a news correspondent for Sky and is very lucky to have been stationed in Russia for the past few weeks while the World Cup is on.

However, Brady has received endless amounts of hate and abuse on Twitter because of his coverage on the World Cup.

He finally decided that he had had enough and released this powerful statement on Sky’s website which even says that the abuse was coming from Ireland as well as other places.

“This is a polite message to all of the people who have taken the time to find me online over the last five weeks in Russia and send me abuse.

“I’ll keep it simple for you – I’m getting paid to be at a World Cup and you’re on your laptop.

“So what is it about an Irish accent covering an England football team that so enrages the keyboard warriors?

“I’ve had abuse from people in Ireland, Scotland and England, with one guy describing me as a “Quisling” for having the nerve to wish England good luck ahead of their semi-final against Croatia. Seriously? Comparing me to a Nazi collaborator?”

You can read the full statement here.