Justin Bieber Hailed This One Dublin Pub As Having Truly Excellent Pints

And, we must say, we agree with him

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JB played two stormers last week in Dublin's 3Arena, and, as well as that, he also seemed to have quite a good time exploring the city, too

He's back home in Canada now, and has paid a huge compliment to a Dublin pub that he visited while he was here. 

According to The Mirror, he was speaking to a bar tender, Dale McDermott, over in Canada about his time in Ireland. Dale said:

Anyone in Dublin or who has been to O'Donoghues will know they pull a great pint so we can agree with Justin on this occasion.

So I'm working in my bar in downtown Toronto and I was just standing at the front entrance waiting for customers to come in. This guy walks in and I welcome him. I then realise that it's Justin Bieber. He sits beside where I'm standing, orders a drink and he talked to me for a good while. 

We talked about Ireland and he said he had a great time being there and that the pints in O'Donoghues were delicious. Have to say a pretty nice guy from my experience. Wished me luck with everything over here. 

A fairly random thing to happen!

So there you have it. 

The Biebs has excellent taste. 

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