Ken Kratz Of 'Making A Murderer' Is Now Writing A Book About The Infamous Trial

Read the letter he wrote Steven Avery asking for a confession


If you've watched Making A Murderer, you'll be very familiar with Ken Kratz. Well now it seems he's going to have his own say on the events of the show.

After the release of the smash hit Netflix series, Kratz's private law firm became inundated with hate mail, provoking the lawyer to start writing a book on the trial from his own perspective.

Kratz wrote to Avery last year asking him again to give a confession.

To many, he comes off as the real villain of the show, with one of the series' experts claiming that Kratz only sought a conviction, rather than the truth. The district attorney came into further disrepute when he became embroiled in a sexting scandal. 

Of course, others believed the prosecutor wholeheartedly believed in Avery's guilt and merely did everything in his power to see justice done. 

Ken Kratz told Action 2 News that his reason for writing the book is “because the one voice forgotten to this point is Teresa Halbach”.

Dean Strang even admitted in his interview with Ray D'Arcy this weekend that a lot of evidence was omitted from the show, perhaps Kratz has further light to shed on the case.

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