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07th Jan 2017

KFC’s New ‘Spice Box’ Doesn’t Really Do The Real Thing Justice…

Alana Laverty

We love a good spice bag/box. 

Greasy, spicy, perfectly seasoned crispy chicken and chips with the perfect amount of thinly sliced veg. 

It’s an Irish delicacy and probably a national treasure. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 14 15 15 1

And KFC are now trying to hop upon the bandwagon with their very own Spice Box priced at €6, created specially for the Irish market. 

The box contains a mini chicken fillet, popcorn chicken, two hot wings, two crispy onion rings, fries and some Colonel’s curry sauce. 

Spice Box Png

Not a morsel of veg in sight, bar the batter-covered onion rings, of course. 

Would you try it? 

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