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15th Oct 2019

Krispy Kreme Release Limited Edition Halloween Doughnuts And They’re Incredibly Gooey

Brian Dillon

As spooky as they are delicious.

Halloween is a glorious time for anyone with a sweet tooth. So we are fairly buzzed at the fact that Krispy Kreme has just released a limited edition Halloween range of doughnuts.

One of the gloriously gooey Halloween doughnuts in the collection is ‘Sid The Slime Monster’, a gruesome one-eyed monster oozing with fruity slime.

There is also Jack O Lantern (chocolate orange filled lantern), Spooky Sprinkles (Krispy Kreme’s signature ring with added chocolate icing and colourful Halloween sprinkles), Orange Slime Ring (dripping in gooey orange flavoured slime), Blackcurrent Slime Ring (Dunked in gooey blackcurrant flavoured slime), the Candyfloss Slime Ring and the Toffee Apple Treat.

And that’s not all they decided to release for the scary season.

Halloween will also see the popular doughnut store serving up some appropriately named Ice Skreme – which will see their signature ice cream swirled with strawberry sauce and topped with a Doughnut Bite, sprinkles and a spooky eye.

And their milkshakes will also be getting the Halloween treatment as they serve their Monster Skreme Shakes, swirled with apple syrup and topped with cream and spooky sprinkles.

The limited-edition doughnuts and sweet treats are available from now until Thursday, October 31 at the Blanchardstown Centre Store.

Meanwhile, the exclusive Halloween Dozen (which includes two Sid the Slime Monster doughnuts, two Jack O Lanterns, three Spooky Sprinkles, two Candy Floss Slime rings, one Orange Slime Ring, one Blackcurrant Slime Ring and 1 Toffee Apple) will be available on Wednesday, October 30 and Thursday, October 31.