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28th Sep 2018

PIC: Irish Journalist Horrified By This Mannequin That’s On Display In Penneys Store In Dublin

Darragh Berry

When you’re taking notice of the mannequin itself rather than the clothes that is on it, you know there’s something wrong.

Sarah Jane Murphy – a well-known freelance Irish journalist – took to Twitter to share a picture of a mannequin that she came across on a recent trip to Penneys.

The store she visited was in Dublin and Sarah-Jane could not believe how abnormally thin the doll was.

“Tell me, @Primark – is this emaciated mannequin something you’re proud to display in your store? So Irresponsible,” she said on her Twitter.

Speaking to 98FM’s Dublin Talks, she said that:

“When i first saw it, I couldn’t believe me eyes.. How can a shop justify this?

“We’re used to seeing skinny images but when I came across this, it actually stopped me in my tracks.

“The mannequin’s legs were so stretched and skinny and out proportion that you could have fitted a third leg between her legs

“You’d never see a human being of that proportion walking around. This is a giant retail saying that this [look] is going.

She said for young impressionable people and those recovering from eating disorders, this image was “normalised” for them.

Penneys have yet to respond.

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