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25th Aug 2017

PIC: Viking Splash Bus Breaks Down On D’Olier Street


A number of Gardaí in Dublin city were called upon when the city’s famous Viking Splash tour/bus hybrid broke down earlier on D’Olier Street.

The incident happened at around 11am this morning, when a Viking Splash tour vehicle broke down on D’Olier Street, blocking the left lane of the busy city centre street.

However, help came to the rescue in the form of four Gardaí who arrived at the scene to help the vehicle along and ease city centre traffic. 

The vehicle was cleared some time before midday, and according to AA Roadwatch, all lanes have now been cleared. 

According to Dublin Live, the vehicles were originally built around the time of World War Two – and the odd break down is to be expected. 

Great form from everyone involved!

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