People Being Warned Not To Answer This Dublin Phone Number As It's A Scam

It looks like a normal call from the capital but it could cost you thousands of euro if you answer...

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Almost 100% of the time, if you were to see a number that you didn't recognise, you'd let it ring all the way through to voicemail.

If the number says the location 'Dublin' underneath however, you're probably more likely to press the green button.

But answering this Dublin phone number could end up costing you big time and scamming you out of thousands of euro.

Gardaí have confirmed that scam artists are ringing from a Dublin landline number pretending to be revenue.

The number in question is: 01- 4429818.

A spokesperson for Gardaí said that:

“It’s an automated message claiming to be front Irish Revenue. The message asks for the person to phone them back as they have a criminal charge pending.

"They will then request bank details when on the phone to pay a fine."

According to, the Dublin number has a hazard threat of almost 90%.

There has been over 400 complaints about the number in the last three days alone.

Some of the comments include:

"Called 're revenue. Demanded my C/C details. Total nuisance."

"Total scam, tried to get my credit card numbers."

"Scam. When they called 1st time I picked up and they didn't say anything; second time I missed the call and called back - they claimed to be the "Revenue Comissioner". Ignore."

The calls are being rated as 'unsafe' on the site so if you do see this number popping up, please ignore and report it.

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