Panti Needs Your Help – And This Petition To Save Her Sign Has Gotten Off To An Explosive Start

"I will be appealing this neanderthal decision, and fighting it tooth and acrylic nail"


It’s a sad day for all of those who enjoy a trip out to Capel Street’s most famous haunt.

Dublin’s answer to the Star of Bethlehem – the glowing Pantibar sign – is in fear of extinction, after the council decided that it detracted from the aesthetics of the area.

And so Panti Bliss – owner of the sign, and the city's most adored landlady – put out a call for help this afternoon in the form of this petition.

Despite the fact that it's barely hit the glowing cables of the information superhighway, it's already racked up a few thousand signatures – and is set to make quite a satisfying thump when it's dropped on the desk of An Bórd Planeála.

Taking two seconds out to attach your name to this list would really help out the fun-lovers and hard workers of Dublin’s vibrant nightlife scene – and not to mention, you’ll be on Ms Bliss’ good side. 

Not that she has a bad one.

You can sign the petition here.

Here's what the garrrrrjus sign looks like


You can sign the petition here.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan