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07th Jun 2019

People Have Been Posting Photos Of Vehicles Blocking Cycle Lanes In Dublin

Brian Dillon

Have you ever had trouble getting around Dublin on your bike?

This Twitter user posted a video showing vehicles parked all along a pavement at Stephen’s Green, pointing out how the people who parked them totally ignored the cycle lane.

Paddy Monaghan took it upon himself this Wednesday, June 5 to show how the cycle lane was totally blocked off to cyclists because of the vans and cars parked all along it.

Over the past few days, other Twitter users have been posting images and videos of various spots around the city where cycle lanes are inaccessible, using the hashtag #FreeTheCycleLanes.

One Twitter user posted a photo of bins placed on a cycle lane, writing, “Yesterday morning Phibsboro Rd.”

Twitter account I Bike Dublin posted a video of one of their volunteers standing on a Dublin street guarding a cycle lane, ensuring cyclists could access it.

I Bike Dublin is a voluntary group that has been dedicated to making Dublin streets “safer for sustainable active transport” since 2017. Their volunteers regularly organise demonstrations where they stand along cycle lanes to prohibit vehicles from blocking them.