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19th Jul 2017

PIC: Two Girls Showed Their Love For A Dublin Donut Shop In A VERY Permanent Way


We all have a love for donuts, but some people seriously, really, LOVE them.

Like, getting the co-ordinates of their favourite donut shop tattooed on their wrists kinda love. 

Two Canadian gal who have been living in Dublin for three months wanted to get matching tattoos of their fave meeting point in the city, which just so happens to be The Rolling Donut on O’Connell street.

So what did they do? They went to Underground Ink and got the Rolling Donut’s co-ordinates tattooed as a permanent reminder of their sweet friendship, and the even sweeter donuts.

The tattoo store wrote that: “We hope the next time these girls arrive at The Rolling Donut on O’Connell street that they are given some complimentary donuts. Fair play girls and we don’t blame you the donuts are amazing.”

And the finished work…


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