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06th Jan 2017

PICS: Dublin Fire Brigade Battled This Fire In A Car Park Last Night

Alana Laverty

Dublin Fire Brigade were busy battling this blaze in a car park at Killiney Hill last night. 

The crew from Dún Laoghaire fire station had a late one after dealing with Christmas trees that were ablaze at roughly 10PM last night. 

Scary stuff. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 07 42 28

Twitter: Dublin Fire Brigade

Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 07 43 48
Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 07 43 54
Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 07 43 59

Twitter: Dublin Fire Brigade

After weeks of warnings, advice and tips of how to hydrate your festive tree and prevent it from catching fire, the crew spent the night battling this Christmas-tree-kindling blaze. 

Not ideal. But fair play to the crew who worked on this fire as the rest of us were heading to bed last night. 

The crew from Dún Laoghaire station went on to extinguish another fire a few hours later nearby in Ballybrack where a car was ablaze. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 06 At 07 45 24

Twitter: Dublin Fire Brigade

No rest for Dublin’s heroes…

Pic credits: @DubFireBrigade

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