PICS: This Dublin Cyclist Had A Very Lucky Escape From A HGV This Morning



It's not easy being a cyclist in Dublin.

While the infrastructure has improved in the city to some extent – and that's reflected in the increasing numbers who make their morning commute on two wheels every morning – the risks are still very present.

We saw it a few weeks ago on Leeson Street. And this morning, we saw it again.

Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) tweeted this photo of a bike that got caught under the wheels of a HGV – and while the cyclist was not badly harmed, it's a chilling reminder of why cyclists and motorists alike need to be alert on the roads.

The incident prompted the DFB to post a video, reminding cyclists to be aware of the blind spots of a HGV – well worth a look if you're a regular on the roads.

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Written By

Aidan Coughlan