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27th Feb 2018

Bad Weather Leave Irish School Kids Trapped On Plane From Dublin Airport For Two Hours

Darragh Berry

The Irish Mirror is reporting that a group of Irish school children were forced to stay on a plane for two hours after it landed.

The WOW Air flight from Dublin Airport landed in Iceland on Monday afternoon but because of excessively strong winds, the authorities at the Airport thought it was best to leave the boys and girls and the rest of the passengers onboard for longer.

The pupils from the Irish language school Colaiste Raithin in Bray, Wicklow had also endured strong turbulence during the two hours and 40 minutes flight.

One pupil said that the winds were so strong that the plane was even rocking ferociously side to side when the plane had landed and was on the ground.

It took almost four hours from the plane landing until the pupils went to their hostel where they were staying.

The group of children are set to return to Dublin on Friday morning. 

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